Pat O’Brien for Cook County State’s Attorney

By Mike Houlihan, Exclusive to The Irish American News

I’m scared.

I don’t feel safe in Chicago anymore.

Earlier this year I looked into buying a gun.

I haven’t been downtown on the train or the El since early last March. At my age, (72 this December), I just feel like I’m no longer the “bad-ass” I once was. After many years of being mistaken for a cop, I’m just too old and vulnerable now to be any kind of a threat to a criminal who might want to bash my head in or kill me and rob me. I’ve become a “mark”.

It wasn’t always like this in Chicagoland. But lately criminals have grown much bolder in assaulting and killing people on the streets of our once great city. That’s because there are no longer consequences for criminal behavior in Cook County. Every weekend it’s a bloodbath in the city, often with innocent young children, sometimes even babies, slain in our streets. 

I can’t blame the police. I do blame our elected officials, particularly our Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx and Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot. Both are police haters and are willing to stand by and watch as our civilization goes up in flames in order to achieve some strange, obscure philosophical political goal.

I’ve been hosting a radio show for the last eighteen months, Hibernian Radio, dedicated to Irish First Responders and I’ve met many of our great Irish warriors who lay their lives on the line every day to help protect us and our families. They certainly deserve our respect and admiration. I’ve learned in that time through interviews and conversations with these Irish heroes that Cook County is in a very bad way because of the inept, and criminal advocacy of our leaders.

Maybe you’ve read or heard about the famous Jussie Smollet case where Kim Foxx refused to prosecute the gay actor who had faked a homophobic attack on himself to gain publicity for his TV show. Maybe you read Special Prosecutor Dan Webb’s report on that case, where he revealed that Kim Foxx repeatedly lied to the public and authorities as she continued the coverup of this hoax to protect her politically connected pal.  

Did you know that State’s Attorney Kim Fox has released over 130 accused murderers onto our streets with no criminal prosecution or jail time? These are individuals that the police arrested for murder, but Foxx let them go free with no charges! They’re on the street now, murderers in our midst, waiting to meet you on the El or outside your neighborhood pub.

Foxx just won’t prosecute criminals and they are released on low bond or on their own recognizance mere hours after committing these crimes, free to break the law again and again and again. According to Judge Pat O’Brien, “She’s made the system a joke.”

And the joke’s on us, the law-abiding citizens of Cook County.

According to the Chicago Tribune, (August 10, 2020), “A total of 25,183 people had their felony cases dismissed under Foxx through November 2019.” This is madness and it’s just going to get worse if Foxx continues in office.

Please help stop this very dangerous politician. Vote for Judge Pat O’Brien in this election, for our safety and protection.

Pat grew up in Resurrection Parish on the West Side, attended Ignatius, Loyola, and then DePaul Law School

Judge O’Brien has an impressive record, including his time working as Felony Trial Supervisor, the Bureau Chief of the Criminal Division and Chief Deputy of the State’s Attorney’s Office. He has handled some of the biggest criminal cases in Illinois and he’s greatly respected in the field. Kim Foxx is not.

Listen to Pat O’Brien on the Hibernian Radio podcasts of July 11th and August 29th at

You’ll have an opportunity to hear him make his case and tell his story to an Irish audience. Get more information at

Please vote for Judge Pat O’Brien for Cook County State’s Attorney. Our lives, mine and yours, and our children and grandchildren, depend on it! It’s time to fire Kim Foxx.


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