President Trump Please Endorse Ives!

We need a Púca for Paddy’s Day here in Illinois. Call your local leprechaun to reach out to President Trump to come to Illinois this St. Patrick’s Day season to endorse State Representative Jeanne Ives for Governor.

The Prez might not look fondly on our blue state but we need him right now. Our incumbent Governor Rauner has trashed Trump at every turn. Rauner’s pal the mayor  declared Chicago a “Trump-free zone”. And both Illinois and Chicago label themselves as “sanctuary cities” in defiance of federal immigration laws.

But Mr. Prez, you still got over two million votes here in the 2016 presidential election. Rauner’s certainly not your friend, nor is he even a real Republican. He’s a RINO whose wife delegates all policies, and keeps the Governor’s testicles in her purse.

Billionaire Bozo

Sometimes she shows them off to her Dem pals like Rahm and Dick Durbin and they laugh.

But those two million folks who voted for you are not laughing. Our state is in big trouble, financially and morally. Without Jeanne Ives as our next Governor, Illinois will go right down the toilet.  

You can stop that Mr. President, with one announcement. Endorse Jeanne Ives for Governor of Illinois. We have a “motley insurgency” in place and fighting an uphill battle against a millionaire madman who doesn’t have a clue. Rauner continues to pour money into false, negative ads against Ives trying to destroy our insurgency. But Rauner is dead meat politically regardless. He can’t win in November, Mr. Prez. You must know that.

Save us Mr. President! You’re our only hope, Obi-Wan Kenobi. Please endorse Jeanne Ives for Governor.







  1. Bill Mahoney says

    Ms Ives makes a wonderful choice for Governer of Illinois. I would ask you to endorse her for Governer of Illinois.

    Thanks for your time

  2. Good Piece Mike. I’ll pass it around and one or two of my AVIAC group will send it to Trump’s inner circle. I think the guy in the WH is named Miller. Love the ‘balls’ quip. I was with a few liberals in the Loop yesterday who have been deballed as well. I joined the GOP in 05
    with brother Denny. He was a fan of Sowell and I honor him with my work for Ives and fighting sanctuaries.

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